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Sri Lanka Explosions Murder Hundred of Lives

It was just yesterday, 21 April 2019, we were surprisingly shocked by an explosion issue that happened in two different cities in Sri Lanka, Colombo and Negombo. This suicide bombing took place in multiple hotels and churches in Sri Lanka.

The mentions the three hotels are in Kingsbury, Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand which all are located in the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. While there are two churches that were also attacked in the consecutive time, one in Colombo and another in Negomo.

Choosing the bombing location such as hotels and worshipping places clearly shows that civilians have been targeted on large numbers as what happened in other blasts occasions in the past. This popular self-destruction tactic can undoubtedly cause heavy damage for both civilians and economic sectors.

This inhumanity attack in the churches just happened too quickly in the middle of Easter celebration that a large number of people killed and caused many to suffer for injuries. The local police officers state that there are around 500 people get wounded and 35 immigrants get killed in this big detonation. In addition, this morning, BBC World News announced that until now there are already around 200 deads by this suicide explosion.

Furthermore, in the next few hours, CNN live news proclaimed that these blasts kill nearly 300 people which shows the fact that the number of the victims continues to increase.

According to CNN, 70% of the victims are Buddhist, and the remaining 30% are Islam, Hindu and Christians that have been identified as victims. Both local and international news show the fact that these numbers are still counting and keep increasing. However, there is no official information yet that declare about the perpetrators of the bomb blast. The world citizens strongly condemned in the greatest term for this incident and grieve for what Sri Lanka residents have been through and pray for the speediest recovery to those who injured. (KA)

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